Saturday, December 13, 2008

sorry|wrong planet cast

1) Hanni Larma; 2) Anja Karppinen; 3) Maarit Koivunen; 4) Sari Mears; 5) Aku Kärki; 6) Riitta Huhtala; 7) Tiia Raatikainen; 8) Sami Suomalainen; 9) Alpo Raatikainen; 10) Milla Kärkäs

MIKEY hanni larma
MOTHERGRANNY anja karppinen
AUNT SOFIE maarit koivunen
ÄITI (mother) sari mears
ISÄ (father) aku kärki
MRS. KOIVUNEN riitta huhtala
JUSSI (12 yrs old) russell kent
MINNI tiina hämäläinen
JESOPHUS sami suomalainen
SGT. EINOLA allan best
THE DOCTOR stefan randström
MRS. SALONEN iiris petaja
MRS. AHONEN tiia raatikainen
MR. KOIVUNEN harold huhtanen
MIA petra holmberg
MRS. RINNE/MIDWIFE judy parker
UNCLE RISTO alpo raatikainen
DRUNK WOMAN milla karkas
MIKEY (as baby) baby mears
MIKEY (4 yrs old) heidi (laura) parkes
JUSSI (5 yrs old) miiko piironen
JUSSI (voice at 5 yrs) alexandre valanne

oiva saarinen
edey saarinen

norma kent
simo kent
sari miettinen

Sari Mears ÄITI (Mother) joined the cast of Toronto Finnish Theater Company’s award winning drama “Dear Lotta” in 1998 and received “Honorable mention as New Comer” from the Association of Community Theatres – Central Ontario (ACT-CO). In addition to her stage work, Sari was a principal actor in a TV Commercial (2001). Sari has been performing since she was a little girl in Finland doing various school and theater group productions. She describes herself as a character actor and loves great supporting roles. Today Sari resides in Toronto, Canada and her family includes her husband and 5-year old son Jake,who had his screen debut as “Baby Mikey” in “Sorry Wrong Planet”.

Maarit Koivunen (Aunt Sophie) – President of the Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. since 1999. Acted in musicals "West Side Story" and "Zorba" at Turku Swedish Theatre, Finland and at Theatre Vipunen in Stockholm, Sweden. Acted in various major roles and toured North America with several plays. Latest role as Lahja in “Five Women in a Chapel” performed in the United States in Marquette, Michigan, in August 2005. E-mail:

Sami Suomalainen (Jesophus) - Acting debut in "Sorry, Wrong Planet." Full time painter and illustrator. Member of the Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. since 2001. Numerous art exhibitions in Canada and abroad. Paintings in private collections around the world. Children’s picture books published in all major languages including Chinese. Next book will be launched in European book fair this year (2005). Three documentary films have been made of the artist. Many interviews done for radio and press.

Arvo (Aku) Kärki ISÄ (father) was born in Toijala, Finland, into a family of actors. At age 6 he debuted in a play ”A Full Dozen” that traveled around Finland. Aku has been living in Toronto, Canada, for the past 25 years with his wife and three sons. He has been active in the Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. for the past 25 years where he has performed, directed, designed and built sets in over 40 productions.

Anja Karppinen (Mothergranny) – Actor, director, member of the Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. since 1959. Received several awards as an actor and a director; year 2002 ACT-CO’s best drama award for directing “Our Town”. Performed among others to Queen Elizabeth II. A TV program made of Anja named “Anja Karppinen” won a prestigious Gemini-award (Canadian Oscar) to its host David Gale

Esko Laakso (priest) - First stage ‘performance’ in his mother’s womb. Joined Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. year 1938. Performed in numerous plays: "Our Town," " Shipbuilder," " Mousetrap," "Busille and the Just," "The Merry Mountbank", etc. Received leading actor award. Esko is also a singer. Member of an acting family with son Timo continuing in grandfather’s and father’s footsteps.

Milla Kärkäs – Film debut in "Sorry, Wrong Planet." Joined Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. in 1998. A student at Second City. Roles include Kaarina in "Dear Lotta" and Linnea in "Let’s be Darlings" ; also acted in" Our Town" and "Shipbuilder." Toured with plays in Toronto, Florida, Detroit, Calgary and Sudbury.

Tiia Raatikainen (Mrs. Ahonen) – Started as a script prompt and a make-up artist in the Toronto Finnish Theatre Co. in 1972. Is known as a character actress. Latest roles in plays " Sonja’s Salon" (1999), "Let’s be Darlings" (2004), "Love Draft" (2004/2005), "Nature Spa Softhill" (2005). Acted in various sketch programs with TFTC. Part of the touring ensemble.

Alpo Raatikainen (Uncle Risto) – Finnish-American film debut. Has worked as a hotel manager and bus chauffeur in Lake Worth, Florida. Participated in the Toronto Finnish Theatre Co.’s sketch productions. Played the role of fiancé in "Opri," which was performed in Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie and Florida.